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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Staying Stylish While Holidaying, DUSK Jewelry Shows You How...


Are you down with the travel-bug? To double-check for some clear signs/symptoms of travel bug, here is a checklist of some signs:

You find yourself:

-Surfing through ‘last-minute-booking/’
-Hopelessly google-ing and ogling and images of exotic beach or urban getaways
-Window shopping at items that you have no use for (besides on a holiday) for e.g. thick wholly coats, cute ear-muffs and scarfs or a striking sarong or dress would look ridiculous anywhere else that’s not near a water source of some kind (think beach or pool-side)
-Counting down the number of days before you get to fly away and leave everything behind

Lucky for most of us, this festive period means time-off from work/school to travel! For those of you, fortunate to already have destinations that you are getting ready to go to, here are some tips from us at DUSK Jewelry to help you lighten your wardrobe dilemma in pairing your accessories with your destinations. 


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