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Sunday, December 29, 2013

DUSK 1st ever VIP private party

Here at DUSK Jewelry, we had our first ever DUSK Jewelry VIP private party just in time for Christmas! At this VIP party, we launched our new jewelry for DUSK Jewelry as well as our two other brands, ICING Accessories and Ashlyne’s Jewelry. 

Our customers who RSVP to the invite had the exclusive first look of the new range! This season’s all about the softer tones to bring out the warmth and love of this festive season. What better to bring out the romantic qualities of these pieces than the earthly green from Mother Nature to illuminate the glow of these beautiful  gemstones?

DUSK jewelry’s beautiful hues add a beautiful contrast for customers who are looking for more options from the silver and frosty White Christmas feel of ICING Accessories. 

The natural light shining in through the big glass windows allowed our customers to have a clear look of the au-natural beauty of these gemstones against the full-length mirror rested on the window-sill. 

With this personalized touch of customized shopping, our customers left happy and satisfied with jewels that best compliments them.


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